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  • 2014 Kendig Gathering & Picnic
    Date: Sunday, July 6th 
    Time: 11AM-5PM
    Location: High Pavilion at East Lampeter Community Park - just east of Lancaster Pennsylvania.  
    Details: Go to for complete details including maps, schedule and venue 
  • 304th Anniversary of Hans Herr & Martin Kendig's arrival in North America.  

    Who are these events for? 
    These gatherings are for people that share a common name but might not be related to each other. Reunions normally involve a single common ancestor. This will be a Kendig Gathering for anyone that considers themselves an ancestor of Martin Kendig and a Kendig reunion for descendants
    of Earl and Mary Kendig of Ronks.

    How can I stay updated? 
    The Kendig Gathering event organization is handled through the
    Kendig Gathering Yahoo group where you can see photos from previous years and find useful links. You may have to join the yahoo group to send email to the group.

    Kendig genealogy is part of the information shared here and at the Kendig gatherings. Many people independently gather genealogy information. This is an attempt to consolidate as much of this Kendig genealogy information as possible. Peter Kendig and his descendants genealogy can be found at

Links to other Kendig pages - Genealogy, both references and name search pages and personal (non genealogy) pages

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